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Syrian Arab Republic-Ministry Of Oil And Mineral Resources-Banias Refinery Company.  Tel : 00963 43711100/1/2/3/4     Fax.00963 43712325





Services Achievements:

The work in Refineries is generally dangerous from this logic, worker should be distinguished by availing him and his family psychological conditions. A lot of services achievements were done avail the rest and interest during the work period and outside it.

Refinery availed houses to most of the workers against little wages.

- Refinery availed transportation to the workers to and from the refinery.

- Refinery availed job opportunities to about /3000/ workers. So, it takes care of their families.

- Establishing social club with resting units, sports center, swimming pools, restaurant and bakery. It introduces haleness and credits to workers, in addition to cultural and interesting activities.

This club related to the Ministry Of work And Social Affairs.

- Sport club related to General Sport Union


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